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Nipple confusion; occurs when you bottle-feed

Nipple Confusion

Nipple confusion is when there is trouble in breastfeeding the baby. It occurs when you switch from bottle-feeding to breastfeeding.

Offering a bottle too early makes the baby prefer bottle-feeding. [1]

- Common in newborn babies
- Acute; resolves in weeks
- Doesnt require medical diagnosis

The sucking patterns in bottle-feeding dont go well with breastfeeding causing the mother to face irritation in the nipple area.


- Changes in sucking patterns of baby
- Facing trouble in latching on
- Breast refusal
- Babies thrust their tongue up pushing the nipple out of their mouth
- The open mouth of the baby is near the breast and he moves away back and forth unable to find the nipple
- A mother experiencing sore nipples after breastfeeding


Your baby may take time to get back to breastfeeding. All along follow the below:
- Avoid artificial nipple and pacifiers for a duration of 3 to 6 weeks so that the baby gets practiced to proper breastfeeding pattern.
- Even if you choose to use a bottle, choose a slow flow nipple.
- Coax the baby until it opens its mouth wide before putting a bottle or breast into its mouth.
- Try not using a bottle as much as possible.

No medications required. There are a variety of bottles and nipples available in the market. Go for slowest flow nipples and choose wisely.

Having to go through this phase is trouble in itself for both the baby and the mother. For quick medical advice, you can always reach mfine with a click from your phone or computer.

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