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What is neural tube defect?


Neural tube defects are the birth defects characterized by abnormalities in the brain, spine, or the spinal cord of the developing foetus. These defects are detected in the first trimester.

It is one of the most common forms of birth defects in babies worldwide. [1]

- A blood test called triple screen test is required.
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Treatable by a medical professional in some cases
- Amniotic fluid tests are required.
- Prenatal ultrasound imaging is required.

The exact causes of neural tube defects are unknown, but the people are more at risk of the neural tube defects if they are obese and have poorly controlled diabetes or if they take certain antiseizure medicines.


Children born with neural tube defects show the following symptoms:
- Paralysis of the extremities
- Deafness
- Poor bladder and bowel control
- Visual impairment in some cases
- Disability of the intellect, learning disability


- Increase folic acid intake as about two-thirds of neural tube defects can be avoided by increasing folic acid intake a month before pregnancy and during pregnancy.
- Folic acid is available in food substances such as green leafy vegetable, and eating it regularly can help in preventing neural tube defects.

Medication: You can take supplements of folic acid. The recommended dosage is of 400 mg a day.

Specialist: A specialist might recommend surgery and shunt to drain fluid. At Mfine, we always provide the best treatment so that you can enjoy your healthy body.

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