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Morning sickness and Vomiting During Pregnancy

Morning sickness and Vomiting During Pregnancy

Vomiting is a problem during pregnancy which can make women physically and mentally weak, especially in the first 3 months.
Some may experience excessive vomiting. This is also known as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’.
About seven out of ten pregnant women have chances of experience vomiting or nausea. [1]
- Will not lead to any serious effect
- Self-care required
- Generally does not require any lab tests
If you are keeping sick frequently, contact your doctor or contact the hospital as soon as possible. Fluctuation in hormone level may be contributing, but specific cause of vomiting is unknown.


The symptoms and sign include prolonged nausea and vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, and headache. Also, raise in poisonous acidic chemicals in blood and urine.
- Low blood pressure (hypotension) when standing up
- Headaches

Self Diagnosable

Symptoms like excessive vomiting, weight loss are the major cause to meet a doctor.
People may experience
- Low blood pressure - when they are standing
- Fainting and jaundice
- Extremely heightened sense of smell


Self Care: Eat easy digestible food which provides energy. Don’t let your stomach get too full or too empty. Advised to drink at least 2 liters of drinks and take sufficient rest.

Medication: The medicines given are safe to use during pregnancy and are of short term courses. Eg. anti-sickness medicine

Specialist: May lead to admit in hospital and required to give special treatments for several cases. mfine can appoint best and trusted doctors without any complications.

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