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What Does Low-Lying Placenta Mean? All That You Need to Know


Low-lying placenta is a condition where the placenta is not in a specific position but rather is implanted somewhere in the uterus, which is low lying near the cervix.

It occurs in around 5% of the pregnancies in any trimester [1]

- Requires medical attention
- May require medication as per the condition
- Treatment may also depend on the baby- s position
- Can be treated

Low-lying placenta is always not a problem. This is generally diagnosed after the 20th-week scan. The condition may continue and require a doctor- s attention or it may get right on its own. A third-trimester scan generally gives a clear picture on the condition of the placenta, requiring medical attention.

Ages affected: May occur in any course of the trimester in pregnancy


Self-diagnosable: Generally diagnosed through an ultrasound plan around the second trimester or 20th week. Any incidence of high bleeding should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience:
Bleeding - Painless bleeding may occur, mild or severe
Cramps - Sharp pains and cramps


Self-care: Good rest is required during the condition. No physical strains and exercises should be undertaken during the course.

Medications: Depending on the condition, the doctor may decide the course of action. In case of little or no bleeding in the initial stage, the doctor may recommend to have good rest and to wait and watch. In the case of heavy bleeding, early surgery may be required as recommended by medical professional.

Specialists: In case of persisting symptoms, a medical professional should be consulted. At mfine, we are here to support you with complete health program and treatment.

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