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What is Lactation Disorder? All That You Need to Know


A condition of lactating or milky nipple discharge when one may not be pregnant or has been a new mother.

Prevalent among 2025% of women worldwide

- May be caused due to tumor or issues in the pituitary gland
- Medication is required to reduce the amount of prolactin in your body
- Can occur even in men in rare cases
- May have been caused due to excessive breast stimulation or disorders in the pituitary gland

Lactation disorder maybe seen among women who have never been pregnant or recently became a mother. Nipple leakage can happen randomly, accompanied with breast tissue enlargement and missed or irregular periods. May even be caused due to increased levels of prolactin.

Ages affected Prevalent mostly in women, around and after reproductive age group.


Any symptoms of the persistent milky nipple, nipple discharge, and irregular menstrual periods should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience
Pain areas Mild to severe pain around nipples, and often a headache
Nipple discharge milky nipple discharge or discharge with milk ducts
Breast Tissue some may experience enlargement of breast tissue
Irregular menstrual cycle irregular and missed menstrual periods
Hair growth abnormal hair growth can be noted


Self-care: Avoid tight clothes and avoid activities that stimulate the nipples.

Medications: Doctors may advice blood tests and mammograms to check hormone levels and track changes around breast tissues. Accordingly, medications are prescribed.

Specialists: Report any observed symptoms to the healthcare provider immediately. At mfine, we help you and treat you with a holistic health program.

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