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Is Growth Retardation a Bad Thing?


Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) disability to grow to the average height because of various reasons.

There are about 80-85% fetuses that classify under IUGR, but then are often healthy.(1)

• Laboratory tests are required to discover the underlying problem.
• Is acute, but at times be chronic.
• Can affect both men and women from a very small age.
• Medical assistance is of very little help to solve the issue.

IUGR are also known as growth retardation is the condition, where the fetus inside of the womb is retarded in growth but is healthy in all possible ways. This could be mainly because of the insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. However, during the growing phases of the baby, there is very less development that takes place in terms of height. Every other part of their body including the internal organs and shape of the body are all normal.


Smaller belly: If you are pregnant and have a smaller belly at the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.
Weigh: The overall weight of the baby should be meeting the average weight of newborn babies.
Dry skin: The overall skin of the newborn baby happens to be dry and loose as well. In addition, the umbilical cord is thin and dull.


Self-care: Try to remain calm and take weekly doctor’s appointments to have an ultrasound for the development of the baby.
Medication: Intake of certain medicines to speed up the development of the baby could be prescribed. However, always try to take the doctors opinions.
Specialist: Try to consult a concerned gynecologist to assist you better. At mfine, we tend to adhere to the condition and provide you with the best treatments to bring out immediate results.

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