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What is postnatal period?


Postnatal is the first six weeks after the birth of the child. It is a joyous period for mothers, but it can also cause confusion, unhappiness, and fatigue in mothers which may further lead to depression.

More than 40% mothers experience postpartum depression. [1]

- It resolves over time
- Sometimes medications required

Postpartum depression is the state of depression which can last up to one year after delivery. It is an illness which affects the thinking and function of the patient. During this time the patient tends to take everything negatively, and it can affect day to day work. Hormonal change, emotional fatigue, and sleep deprivation can be the causes of depression.


- Mood swings
- Difficulty in concentration
- Irritation and angry without any reason
- Aches, pains, and illness
- Loss of appetite
- Breaking down without any reason
- Uninterested in caring for the baby
- Feeling guilt and self-pity
- Anxiety and panic attacks


- Get as much rest as required. New mothers need rest to cope up with the fatigue and exhaustion.
- Maintain a healthy diet to heal.
- Reaching out to family and friends for support.
- Consult a doctor and start exercising to refresh energy levels.

Doctor can prescribe an antidepressant. Consult your doctor to get medications for postpartum symptoms.

Specialist: Specialist will be able to check the condition properly and advise proper steps to cure depression. At mfine, we take care of each and every disease properly to provide the best treatment.

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