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What is Hypomenorrhea?

Hypomenorrhea is a condition which is characterized by extremely light or scanty blood flow during menstruation. It is a type of menstrual disorder where menstruation is spotty or scanty. Such kind of menstrual periods showcases low blood flow, amounting to 80ml or less. The duration of hypomenorrhea is usually two days or less. Hypomenorrhoea treatment focuses on regulating the woman’s endocrine system and improving the hormonal balance. The doctor will examine the abnormality of the menstrual flow and will accordingly be able to rule out any underlying conditions.

The duration of menstruation can be shortened also.

Hypomenorrhea affects about 2 to 5% of childbearing women.

Hypomenorrhea is:

- Treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- May or may not be chronic depending upon the underlying cause

This condition is hereditary. If the condition runs in the women of a family then, there are high chances of women developing this disorder. Hypomenorrhea is a symptom indicating an underlying condition which can also affect the fertility of a woman and her ability to carry a pregnancy.

Hypomenorrhea Symptoms

The very few common symptoms of Hypomenorrhea are:

- Reduced blood flow during menstruation
- Shortened duration of menstruation

However, the underlying causes of these symptoms can be many. Some of them are:

- Low Body Fat
- Pregnancy
- Polycystic Ovarian Symptoms (PCOS)
- Psychogenic factors
- Hormonal Imbalance
- Perimenopause and menopause

Hypomenorrhea Treatment

Self-care: For a woman, it is important to understand the causes of hypomenorrhea in order to take the necessary actions. The diagnosis for hypomenorrhea involves a blood test to check for the hormone levels, estrogen levels, insulin levels, etc.

There are a few home remedies which can get a woman’s periods to normal. Ginger can be consumed as it helps in speeding up regular periods. Eating dark leafy vegetables which have a good quantity of iron, dry fruits, nuts, flaxseeds, and consuming enough water in a day helps maintain a healthy diet for a woman.

Medication: Medication recommended by a doctor will only depend upon the underlying cause of Hypomenorrhea. Hormonal therapy cannot be suggested for every case. Without proper analysis, taking hormones can prove to be risky. The doctor will recommend therapy only after diagnosing the symptoms by certain tests.

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