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What you should know about hot flashes?


Sudden flashes of burning sensation on the body that usually occurs on the neck, face and the chest.

About 75% of women experience hot flashes during menopause.[1].

• Can be treated with right medical assistance
• Happens only to women
• Can be chronic and acute
• Occurs after the age of 40

During summer, your body might feel warm and might have the feeling of burning up. But then at normal temperature, the body tends to heat up in certain areas of the neck, face, and chest. This sudden onset of heat is known as heat flashes. They are either caused during menopause or due to excessive sweating and loose too much body heat.


• Appearance – There is a flushed appearance that happens to be red in color and the skin becomes blotchy.
• Feeling – There is an intense sensation of heat in particular regions of the body and can experience perspiration in the upper region of the body.


Self-care – Wearing appropriate clothes in the coldest days and not getting out often when the days are really hot. Try to take bath with cold water.
Medication – Antithyroid medication prescribed by the doctor can help in the elimination of heat flashes and makes it easier for the body to maintain normal body temperature.

Specialist - Try to seek advice from a physicians and therapeutic doctors to get proper treatment. At Mfine we are more than happy to assist you and help you out in the overall eradication of the condition.

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