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All you need to know about Episiotomy Pain


Episiotomy pain refers to pain in the perineal region because of the surgical incision made during childbirth.

Although episiotomy is quite common, approximately 60% of vaginal birth does not require episiotomy.(1)

- Can be self-diagnosed.
- Treatment options are available.
- Imaging and laboratory tests are required.
- Short-term: Resolves within 4 to 6 weeks in most cases.

During childbirth, a surgical incision is made in the perineum region to widen the opening, this is known as an episiotomy. The process, however, varies depending on the need of the patient. This process is performed by the doctors to avoid jagged tears. The pain reduces after a few weeks of delivery, only in some cases it takes a longer time.


Sometimes other symptoms can be noticed along with pain, in which case doctor must be consulted.
Pain in the incision area.
A blood clot at the site.
Irregular bowel movements for more than 4 days
The wound may break open.


Self-care: Keeping the incision area clean and dry. Changing pads in every 2-4 hr. Using hot water spray after urination. Taking sitz baths or covering the affected area with hot water.

Medication: Doctors may recommend pain reliefs and ointments to help the wound heal faster.

Specialisation: For other concerns, consult a physician or gynaecologist, At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum pain.

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