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All You Need To Know About Endometriotic Cyst


An Endometriotic cyst is a common gynecological condition affecting females.

3-10 % of the cases are common to the reproductive age group, and 25-35% can be observed in the case of infertile women. (1)

The cysts generally form when the endometrial tissue in the ovaries either:
- Bleeds
- Outgrows
- Gets transplanted.

Endometriotic cysts can occur either in one of the ovaries or at times in both the ovaries. It is the formation of lumps inside the ovaries as a result of the process of endometriosis, which refers to the growth of the endometrium(the tissue lining the uterus) inside the ovaries. These lumps can be of less than 2 inches in size or may grow up to 8 inches.


Endometriotic cysts cannot be self-diagnosed. Symptoms include:

- Pelvic pain that is not in relation to the menstrual cycle.
- Infertility, in some cases.
- Irregularity in the menstruation cycle.
- Pain during urination or bowel movement
- Pain during intercourse.


Wait and watch: In case the cyst is very small no pain is experienced, doctors may suggest the patients wait for a few weeks to see if the cyst passes out on its own.

Doctors may suggest medicines to reduce the size of the cyst.

If the patient is experiencing pain intensely and the size of the cyst is very large, the doctor may suggest surgery to remove the cyst or in some cases even the ovaries.
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