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Heavy and Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding? You May be Suffering from Endometrial Hyperplasia


A condition where there is abnormal thickening of the uterus lining due to an increase in the number of endometrial glands.

No well-researched statistics are available. However, studies show 25-50% of women having endometrial hyperplasia might be diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the later stages. [1]

- Needs medical attention
- Needs lab examinations and biopsy
- May lead to endometrial cancer in a few cases
- Needs treatment for around six months
- Curable

In endometrial hyperplasia, cells which make the endometrium grow excessively. The condition causes abnormal vaginal bleeding. It needs immediate medical attention because it can be cured only with proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Only timely medical treatment will help to protect you from endometriosis cancer.

Ages affected Mostly women above 50 years and mostly after menopause .


Self - diagnosable
The condition has to be diagnosed by a doctor. Any vaginal bleeding that is heavier than your regular periods should be reported to the doctor. The bleeding may be caused by excess estrogen without progesterone and medical treatment is needed.

People may experience
Vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods or after menopause
Noticeably heavy bleeding
Severe pain during sexual intercourse
Menstrual periods that last longer than normal


Self-care: Proper medical attention is mandatory to limit the chances of the condition turning into cancer. You should also take proper rest as prescribed by the doctor.

Medications: An ultrasound scan and an endometrial biopsy may be recommended by the doctor to diagnose the condition. Hysteroscopy may also be done to identify the areas in the uterus which have abnormally thick lining.

Specialists: Any symptom, mentioned above, which is prolonged and severe should be immediately reported to a doctor. We at mfine will help you with a full treatment program.

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