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Elective Termination Procedures for unplanned pregnancy


Elective termination of pregnancy is deliberate steps taken to eliminate the fetus before it can survive outside the uterus.
However, around 56 million abortions are performed each year, with 45% done unsafely.[1]

Modern medicines combine a method of medication and/or surgery to eliminate an unplanned pregnancy.


Medical abortions are available only up to first 9 weeks of gestation. In the first trimester, the following may be used
- Methotrexate and Misoprostol (MTX)
This is a medical abortion method used up to first seven weeks of pregnancy, combining dosages of the above mentioned drugs.
- Mifepristone and Misoprostol
Can be used upto 9 weeks of pregnancy, also referred to as RU-486, abortion pill or mifeprex.
- Manual Vacuum aspiration can be used for pregnancies from 3-12 weeks, local anesthesia is performed on the cervix, with minimal invasion.

For second Trimester :

- Dilation & Curettage (D & C) / Dilation & Evacuation (D & E) , for pregnancies upto 16 weeks gestation.
- Induction Abortion involves injecting salt water, urea or potassium chloride into the amniotic sac. Prostaglandins are inserted in the vagina and Oxytocin is injected intravenously along with it.
Third trimester (24 - 36 weeks) abortions are illegal in a number of states except for certain medical conditions. Most medical communities establish 24 weeks as the maximum period for performing abortions. Hence, the availability of any procedure depends upon the laws of that particular region. The following of the two may be used :
- Induction Abortion
- Dilation and Extraction

In case of unwanted pregnancies, it is best to consult your doctor and seek medical attention. You can consult us at mfine for any pregnancy related advice and suggestion, for a judgement free and holistic approach to your problem.

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