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What is Ectopic Pregnancy and How can it be Treated?


Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg will implant as well as grow outside the main cavity of the uterus.
All women who are sexually active may get affected by ectopic pregnancy.

- Can be treated with medical help
- Needs a proper medical diagnosis
- Laboratory tests or imaging is always needed
- If it is short term, then will resolve within a few days or weeks

The fertilised eggs will never be able to survive outside the uterus. If it is allowed to grow, then it will damage the nearby organs as well as cause life-threatening blood loss.

Its causes are not clear, but inflammation, as well as scarring of fallopian tubes due to a medical condition or infection in the past, hormonal factors along with genetic abnormalities and birth defects, cause ectopic pregnancy.


People may experience:
Pain areas: Neck, pelvis, shoulder and abdomen (mostly one side)
Gastrointestinal: Dizziness, nausea
Most common: Light or heavy vaginal spotting or bleeding with cramping


Self-care: If you undergo a surgery then drink lots of fluids to stop constipation. Take complete rest and do not lift anything than is heavy.

Medications: Prescription drugs are given as an injection.

Specialists: Laparoscopic surgery is performed in extreme cases. At mfine, we are well experienced in treating different medical conditions. So get in touch with us immediately whenever you need medical assistance

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