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What to Expect in 7 Weeks of Pregnancy?


At the early stage of pregnancy, that is, 7 weeks’ gestation, a baby is the size of a blueberry.

- Early stage and first trimester
- Newly diagnosed
- May notice early symptoms of pregnancy and may suspect
- One month and two weeks of pregnancy
- Baby is around 2.54 cm long

It is the stage in which the baby is very tiny and his/her heart, muscles, brain, and bones are beginning to develop. The placenta is also in the forming, which can provide a warm environment for the baby. Umbilical cord which connects the baby to blood supply is also in the forming. Not everyone at this gestation is still confirmed with pregnancy and hence one may suspect the symptoms.


Self-diagnosable: Due to symptoms of nausea, weight gain, excess saliva, and fatigue, one may suspect about the condition of pregnancy. You may need to consult your health-care provider.

People may experience:
Weight gain - You may experience gain in weight
Fatigue - Tiredness and fatigue
Indigestion - Heartburn and indigestion
Morning sickness - Nausea and vomiting sensation
Food - Cravings and aversions with few food
Spotting - Cramps and spotting


Self-care: You may need to be careful and take good rest during this gestational period. Stress should be avoided. Good health supplements as per the recommendation of your doctor should be taken.

Medications: You may want to have regular visits to your doctor. Laboratory examinations may be recommended to understand the condition of the mother. The doctor may prescribe medications as per need.

Specialists: In case of the abovementioned symptoms, you may want to check with your health-care provider. At mfine, we are here to provide you with information and a holistic health-care program.

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