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Early pregnancy: All in one detail.


Feeling some kind of bump on your stomach or gained slight weight, maybe you are pregnant.

If you are overweight or tall, the chances of having multiple babies increase.

The size of your baby is nearly equal to black peppercorn or an apple seed.
Pregnancy is when inside a woman’s womb one or more than one offspring fertilizes. Gestation is just another term used for pregnancy. A pregnant woman will start experiencing the symptoms from 4th or 5th week. Being pregnant comes with a lot of responsibility for both mother and father. Another life is forming inside a woman. A pregnant woman needs to be more careful than ever to give birth to a healthy offspring.


The signs that are experienced by the 5th week of pregnancy are:
1) Fatigue and feeling exhausted.
2) Cravings of pickles and other foods.
3) Morning sickness.
4) Frequent urination as well as bloating.
5) Feeling nauseous.
6) Missed menstrual cycle ( happens in the 4th week )
7) Increased weight.
8) Aching breasts.


Self care:

Every parent wants a healthy baby. A proper diet and a few precautions should be taken like:
1) Avoid alcohol and smoking.
2) Intake of proper fluids.
3) Comfortable bras which can adjust to the growing breasts.
4) Some pregnancy friendly exercises like yoga, walking.


A timely checkup is required especially in the first three months of pregnancy as your body is adjusting to the hormones. To get proper guidance regarding your diet plan, exercise, medication visit mfine.

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