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Vaginal Dryness: Causes and Treatments


A condition which occurs when tissues in the vagina are not moisturized and lubricated enough leading to dryness.

Self-reported cases of dryness in vagina range from 19.7% in Brazil, 5.8% in Italy and 5.6% in the UK. [5]

- May require medical examinations
- Can be curable and medically treated
- Common condition
- Medications can cure the condition

The condition occurs when the walls of the vagina are not enough lubricated with fluids. Low hormonal levels of estrogen may also cause the condition. It can occur due to various causes such as childbirth, smoking, breastfeeding, menopause, cancer treatments, and immune disorders.

Ages affected - Mostly occurs to women aged above 50 years. Can happen to anyone.


Self - diagnosable
Can be self-diagnosed due to dryness in the walls of the vagina and nil lubrication. Symptoms of soreness, pain, and light bleeding should be reported to the health care provider.

People may experience
Pain - painful intercourse and urination
Discharge - very mild vaginal discharge
Dryness - no lubrication in the vagina
Itchiness - soreness and itchiness around the vagina


Using vaginal moisturizers helps in some cases. Use unperformed soaps and washes. Do not use perfumed soaps and use creams.

Vaginal creams and medicines may be recommended by the doctor as required. Lubricants and topical estrogen creams may be advised for use as well.

If the symptom persists for long, contact a medical professional. We at Mfine are here to help you and give you total health program for your health needs.

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