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What is Caesarean Section?


A Caesarean Section, also known as C - Section, is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby by incisions (slits) performed on the uterus and the abdomen.
For the child to have a complete and proper time for developing in the womb, C - sections are not recommended before 8 months of the gestation period.
Usually C - sections are planned beforehand in the pregnancy of a woman, however, sometimes due to complexities, they can be performed offhand too.

When is Caesarean Section recommended?

A C - section is preferred over a normal vaginal delivery due to diverse reasons such as the presence of sexual diseases in the mother, the baby’s head being of considerable size for the birth canal, the baby is in an abnormal position e.g. breech birth, halted the progression of labor, etc.

Other reasons include hindering growth conditions in the baby, complications in the umbilical cord or placenta, etc.

Preparing for Caesarean Section

As the decision to opt for a C - section delivery is usually made early in the pregnancy, the doctor discusses the procedure, instructions, and answers any questions of the mother to ensure complete coherence.
The blood group of the mother is noted in case she requires a blood transfusion during the surgical operation.

Intravenous lines are attached to a vein in hand and anesthesia is given to the mother before the operation, followed by the actual surgery which includes incisions and delivery.

Understanding Caesarean Section results
After successful delivery of the baby, he/she is cleansed and taken for a complete physical assessment.

The mother is made to stay in the hospital for a few days for rest and instructed by nurses and doctors on how to take care of the baby and herself.

Around three months after childbirth, the mother may be asked for a postpartum physical assessment.

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