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What is breast ultrasound?

What is breast ultrasound?

Ultrasound procedures involve imaging of a particular body part using high-frequency sound waves. Breast ultrasound is a similar imaging and testing technique, used to detect any discrepancies or abnormalities in the breast of a woman. Being non-invasive and non-radioactive, ultrasounds or sonograms, especially in the breast region are considered to be a particularly safe alternative to other testing techniques.

When is breast ultrasound recommended?

Breast cancer is screened primarily and most effectively by mammogram. Breast ultrasound is often used as a supplementary test for breast cancer screening.

Individually, breast ultrasound is also used in determining the basic nature of an abnormality encountered in the breast region. This can be as a follow-up to some physical exam or a mammogram. The ultrasound can be helpful in determining whether the abnormality is benign or malignant.

Ultrasound-guided biopsy is another application where a breast ultrasound can be suggested by the doctor or medical professional.

Preparing for breast ultrasound
The preparation for breast ultrasound does not require any special means or precautions. Primarily, any external agents such as lotions, oils, ointments, etc must be avoided.

Prior to the test, all metal jewellery and other metal objects around the body will be needed to be removed. During the test, the patient would be asked to strip from waist up and wear a loose fitting gown.

Understanding breast ultrasound results
Breast ultrasound results are obtained in black and white. A dark region in the sonogram might indicate a lump or a tumor like presence.

Some ultrasound results might be followed-up by a supporting further test. In either cases, a medical expert must interpret the result for proper diagnosis.

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