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Bilateral Mastalgia: Facts To Know


Bilateral mastalgia is characterized by a sharp pain in the breast tissues. The pain can either be constant or occasional.

Approximately, 90 % patients of mastalgia under the age of 35 have shown no further need of treatment if their medical history has been normal.(1)

- Most likely, the pain does not indicate cancer. However, a persistent pain that does not subside in two menstrual cycles needs to get evaluated by a doctor.
- The pain can start before the onset of the menstrual cycle and can end after the cycle ends.

Mastalgia can be classified into two types: Cyclic and Non-cyclic. The distinction can be made clearer by a medical practitioner with the help of medical history.
The diagnosis of bilateral breast pain can be made using any of the following methods: mammogram, ultrasound, clinical breast examination, or a breast biopsy.


Women often experience the following symptoms:
- Breast lump
- Skin distortion
- Sweating
- Nausea
- Pain on exertion


Self-care: Use of anti-inflammatory creams or medications.

Medications: It is advised to see a doctor if the pain does not go away and is constant for a couple of weeks. On the basis of severity of the pain, doctors would advise accordingly.
- Adjust the use of birth control pills: Doctors may suggest to use other ways of birth control other than the pill.
- Hormonal therapy: In case a woman is undergoing hormonal therapy, then the dose may be lowered.
- Prescribing other medications for pain relief by doctors.

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