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Bertholins cyst: All there is to know


The swelling of the glands present in the walls of the vaginal opening.

Bertholins cyst is a relatively common problem in the young adult women in their 20s. 2 out of 10 women may have this cyst. [1]

- Cannot be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- Is not contagious
- Medium-term: resolves within months

Bertholins cyst is the inflammation of the glands in the vaginal opening caused by the backward flow of fluid in these glands. The fluid is responsible for the lubrication of the vagina.


Not Self-diagnosable
Lab tests may be required to determine the fluid condition
Usually painless until infected
The cysts rarely become malignant
Large cysts may cause pain while walking
Fever and vaginal discharge in some cases


Self-care: Sitting in a warm water tub for several minutes regularly may burst the cyst automatically and drain the fluid naturally

Medicines: Doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent secondary infection.
This condition usually does not require medication.
However, a topical medication may be prescribed.
Surgery: Rarely doctors may conduct surgery to remove the abscess and drain the fluid in the cyst.
Marsupialization may be conducted in case of a complication.

Specialists: If the cysts do not go away within a few days then consult a specialist immediately. Visit your gynecologist at the earliest to prevent complications. mfine will provide you with a holistic treatment space for sound health.

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