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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: All you need to know


AUB is the condition of irregular bleeding from the uterus.

About 1-2% of women with improperly managed anovulatory bleeding eventually may develop endometrial cancer.[1]
- A serious condition that can lead to cancer
- Needs medical diagnosis and treatment

AUB is a result of pelvic pathology not functioning properly, issues with hormones, or pregnancy. It can be a serious condition, and as soon as you realize the bleeding is abnormal, you should see your doctor. Sometimes surgery can be needed to stop the bleeding.

Ages affected - All women who have begun menstruation


The bleeding can be unpredictable, a mix of light and heavy. The bleeding is irregular and can last for various amounts of time, sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months straight.

People may experience:
- Bleeding in the uterus- unpredictable and irregular
- Aching and pain
- Weakness and fatigue


Treatment is on an individualized basis, and your doctor will work closely with your condition to decide the best treatment plan for you.

Self Care: Treat it as you would your other periods, clean your vagina thoroughly and use sanitary menstrual products.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe you birth control pills to help regulate your periods and hormone levels. Your doctor may also prescribe you Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRHa) to shrink fibroids and to stop your boy from producing certain hormones. To better manage the pain that accompanies the bleeding, you can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, like Ibuprofen.

Specialists: Participating in a treatment plan prescribed by your gynecologist as well as visiting their office on a regular basis is crucial to having the best quality of life, while diagnosed with AUB.
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