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Amenorrhea Secondary: causes, its symptom, and treatment


The absence of 3 mensuration cycles or more in a row in women having regular periods.

Having body fat less than 15%-17% increases the risk of secondary amenorrhea. [1]

- It is not a disease; it is a symptom that can be diagnosed and treated.
-Diagnosed through history review, physical examination, laboratory evaluation, and brain imaging.
-Treatment depends on the cause of secondary amenorrhea.
-Pregnant women, those in menopause and are breastfeeding are not considered to have amenorrhea secondary.

Common causes include pregnancy, menopause, stopping birth control pills/contraceptives, breastfeeding, pituitary tumor, stress, excessive exercise, eating disorders (anorexia). It is not always a sign of pregnancy but it may be a sign of another medical condition.


The main symptom includes lack of periods for 3 months or more in a row

People may experience
Pain areas – pelvic pain, head
Discharge from breast
Vaginal dryness
Also common: acne, facial hair growth, change in vision & voice,


Self-Care: Taking a balanced diet, complete rest, balance in work, keeping a record of periods, reducing stress in life, keeping a healthy weight are helpful.

Medications: To be taken on doctor’s prescription only.

Specialists: Visit a gynecologist for diagnosis and treatment. At mfine you get solutions to all your short-term and long-term health issues. Visit now and find out more at mfine.

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