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Is abdominal pain common during pregnancy? Know now!


Discomfort in the abdomen during any month of pregnancy.

All women experience abdominal discomfort during pregnancy, which is considered normal.

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy as it adapts to the baby growing inside the womb. Weight-gain, mood swings, and body pains are some of the common changes associated with pregnancy.

These can cause discomfort and stress, especially for first-time mothers as it becomes critical to differentiate between normal and abnormal pains. In certain cases, abdominal pain can be a sign of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and other unforeseen conditions, in which case gynecologist should be contacted immediately.


  • Cramps in abdomen
  • Gas and bloating which could be due to consumption of foods that irritate the esophagus
  • Constipation - difficulty in emptying the bowels for two or more days.

If the pain is accompanied with vomiting, fever, chills, heavy bleeding/blood flow, or change in vaginal discharge. If the pain makes it difficult to breathe, try walking. If the sharp pain continues even after resting or adjusting (round ligament pain shouldn’t last more than a few minutes), consult a doctor.
Avoid eating unwashed raw fruits during pregnancy. Increase the consumption of iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidant-rich foods. Drink plenty of water.
Analgesics or painkillers may be prescribed by the doctor.


Pregnancy is a crucial period of a woman’s life, where even the slightest symptom should not be ignored or left untreated. Always look for a holistic treatment approach from your gynecologist, which mfine can help you with.

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