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Pregnancy Development At 26 Weeks


At 26 weeks, you have entered your second trimester of pregnancy.
At this stage of gestation, your baby now weighs approximately 0.7 kg. It also approximately measures 14 inches. [1]
Here are a few exciting facts about your baby during this phase of its development.

● Your baby’s nerves at the ears have begun developing to the point that they can hear and recognize your voice and your partner’s and maybe even some caregivers.
● Your baby’s eyes have finally opened, though they cannot fully see yet as they are yet to develop the iris completely, your baby can start seeing at this stage of pregnancy.
During this time, here are a few changes you can expect in your body to occur due to the pregnancy:
● Between 7 and 10 kg of weight gain
● Uterus growth to approximately 2.5 inches above your belly button
● Stronger contractions
● More movement from your baby (kicking, stretching)
During this phase of pregnancy, your baby also begins to swallow the amniotic fluid to help develop its lungs as well. You may experience inflammation, have trouble sleeping, or begin to have cramps due to your baby’s movement at this point during your pregnancy.


The symptoms of 26 weeks gestation of pregnancy include:
● Insomnia
● High blood pressure
● Headaches
● Inflammation
● Braxton Hicks Contractions

Self-diagnosable: The easiest way to recognize that you are nearing the second trimester of your pregnancy is the increased movement of your baby and the beginning of the development of a baby bump.
People may Experience
- Cramps
- Headaches
- Memory loss
- Insomnia
Self-care: During this phase of your pregnancy, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor for tips on self-care during this pregnancy.
Medications: Doctors recommend that you stop taking any OTC medication at 26 weeks. Doctors may prescribe medication for some conditions that are caused due to the pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, but this is dependent on the case and the doctor's evaluation.

Specialists: The best person to manage this part of your pregnancy is an OB-GYN. Find the best OB/GYNs to consult from the comfort of your home on the mfine portal.

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