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If you want to consult the best general surgeon in Mumbai, look up for a general surgeon near me.

A general surgeon performs operations involving the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, liver, colon, and some other parts of the body. Common surgical procedures general surgeons in Mumbai perform are breast surgery, lung surgery, abdominal surgery, thyroid gland surgery, arms and leg surgery, rectal surgery, skin surgery, and colon surgery. Most of these surgeries are minimally invasive, performed using advanced laparoscopic methods.

What do General Surgeons do?

Best general surgeon in Mumbai employs knowledge and skills to carry out surgery even in case of an emergency. The role of a general surgeon is one of the largest specialties involving both trauma and orthopedics. They also perform trauma surgery following an accident. General surgeons in Mumbai also choose a subspecialty to perform complex surgery like an organ transplant.

Although acute abdominal pain is the most common emergency requiring a surgery, other conditions cannot be ignored.

What do General Surgeons treat on mfine?

  • Appendicitis: mfine is the best place for general surgeon online consultation for appendicitis. Patients experiencing pain in the lower abdomen should consult a general surgeon near me for early detection.
  • Hernia: Hernia is a condition that requires surgical intervention. A hernia is repaired using a mesh to prevent it from affecting other organs.
  • Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids affect both men and women. Characterized by swollen veins, hemorrhoids can be painful and might bleed profusely. Such cases are referred to a general surgeon for immediate intervention.
  • Gallstones: Gallbladder stones can be removed through a simple laparoscopic procedure. It ensures speedy recovery and fewer days of hospital stay. Not only stones but also a gallbladder disease in general needs surgical intervention.
  • Pre & Post Operative Care: Top general surgeons also provide pre and post care to patients in all cases of surgery. It is crucial to give proper pre surgery advice so that patients prepare for the surgery and have stable blood pressure levels. Likewise, post surgery, care involves pain relief and steady recovery.

Find the top general surgeons for online consultation only on mfine.  

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