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Every season brings in its wake few diseases.  Be it stomach upset in rainy season or flu and cough in summer or cold and sore throat in winter, immediate medical consultation could help you to recover fast. In the hectic schedule of life, stress, improper food habits, and drinks do cause various diseases and only timely medical care could get relief from pain and weakness. mfine is a big platform with doctors listed for every type of ailment and there, you could the best general surgeon in Kochi. Literally serving as a one-stop general surgeon online consultation, we have curated the details of all top-notch doctors in Kochi to provide you only the best medical aid.

What we cover?

At mfine, we have listed some of the best doctors and their focus is always on right diagnosis and proper treatment for the ailments. You could get the correct information from “the general surgeon near me” category and searching through the listed ones, you could get the best doctor in your locality and the best thing is, the services are available round-the-clock every day.

The medical services for you are available in the following categories-

  • Post and Pre-operative Advice and care- After an operation in your takes place you need sufficient pre and post-operative care. The surgeons listed at mfine could skillfully guide you to recover fast. The listed general surgeon in Kochi has the qualification and years of hands-on experience to give you right type of treatment.
  • Appendicitis- When your body has the growth of appendix, it gets you unbearable pain. You could get the right advice from the general surgery doctor in Kochi for right and effective operative method that could get you fast recovery.
  • Hernias-   Hernia is one of the commonly occurring medical conditions when an intestine brings a bulge in the abdominal muscles and you could get the perfect medical attention from the listed experienced surgeons to get you operated and free from the pain and trauma.
  • Gall bladder stones- Formation of the gall bladder stones in the bladder could cause terrible pain in your body. More often than not, it becomes necessary to get them operated. The best general surgeon at mfine could get your operations done at the minimum cost.
  • Piles/Hemorrhoids- Piles are the swollen veins in the lower end of the rectum, that could give you unbearable pain during defecation, and operation at the right time almost becomes unavoidable. Timely medical consultation from listed experienced doctors could get you operated at the minimum cost.

You could get in touch with the best general surgeon at mfine at your convenience.

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