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Varicose Veins 101 – Your Guide To Treatment And Prevention


A medical condition where the veins in the legs and feet become swollen or twisted.

According to the American Society for Vascular Surgery, 20 to 25 million people have varicose veins. [1]

- Causes circulatory problems and pain
- May lead to complications like ulcers and blood clots
- Is a treatable condition
- Requires a physical exam and diagnostic tests
- May go away on its own or require treatment depending on the severity

Varicose veins on your lower extremities basically mean your veins are swelling up and twisting, giving a spider-web-like appearance. When you stand up or exert pressure on your feet, you feel intense pain due to these. You can prevent varicose veins by exercising and consuming a healthy diet. However, severe cases may require surgical removal.


Common symptoms of varicose veins are veins that turn dark or purple and bulge or swell to give a cord or spider web-like appearance.

People also experience:
- Red discoloration of the skin
- Bleeding
- Painful swelling, throbbing, or muscle cramping
- Heavy sensations or aches in the legs


Get active and start eating healthy. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, lower your salt intake, and make sure you avoid wearing high heels to reduce the pain.

Compression stockings and elastic bandages may be used to alleviate symptoms and slowly treat the condition.

Doctors may provide laser surgical treatment or a cosmetic surgery to eliminate varicose veins. For more info about treatment plans, talk to our healthcare specialists at mfine.

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