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Cryptorchidism: Everything You Need to Know.


When testis is absent from the scrotal position (where it normally should be), then it is undescended testis or cryptorchidism.

This is condition is caused among 3-5% of male infants

- This is a disorder and does not spread
- Imaging tests such as MRI are not required to guess the same.
- Can only occur in male babies
- Surgery is required to cure this condition

Cryptorchidism is the condition when one or both of the testes are not at the normal position or is undescended. Mostly undescended testis itself moves to its actual position. But if it does not descend during the first four months, then surgery is required in the early childhood of your son. Undescended testis can even lead to testicular cancer if not treated properly.

Age group affected:
Most common in – Infants
Common among – Children between the ages of 3 and 5.
Rare – It is rare after the age of 6.


There is basically one symptom that could help in identifying undescended testis and that is:
- When you are not able to identify or feel the testicles at the position it should be.


You can avoid such a situation during pregnancy by:
1) Avoid consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.
2) Stop smoking
3) Stay in a stress- and pollution-free zone.


If the testis does not descend within a few months of the birth, then treatment is required. The undescended testis can be relocated at its actual position with the help of surgery. If it is not cured on time, then it could even lead to:
- Testicular cancer.
- Fertility problem.


mfine is among the best in curing the problem of undescended testis as well as other pregnancy problems.

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