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Umbilical sinus infection: Symptoms, causes, and treatments


Malformation and abnormalities in the vitellointestinal duct.

Umbilical pilonidal sinus (UPS) is a rare disease of young, hirsute, dark men with deep navels and poor personal hygiene. [1]

Requires a medical diagnosis
Often requires lab tests or imaging
Can be acute when not treated well
Happens almost rarely

Umbilical sinus infection is a chronic and inflammatory disease of the umbilical area that is diagnosed by general physicians during lab tests. It usually results in a discharge from the naval region. A wide range of abnormalities can occur in someone when the vitelline duct fails to obliterate completely.

Ages affected - Between 20 and 30 More often; Between 30 and 40 - Often; 40 and above - Fewer


Symptoms may sometime include pain and swelling in the infected region with purulent discharge.

People may experience
Pain areas Around the sinus
Inflammation In the navel portion
Swelling Around the infected part
Discharge Pus like discharge is quite common


Self-Care: For pain or swelling, taking proper rest and limiting day-to-day activities can help bring it down to a certain level.

Medications: For swelling or inflammations, anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

Specialists: For severe cases, consult a specialist. With mfine, you don’t have to worry much about your health issues anymore since we are here to manage them for you.

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