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All you need to know about Superficial Burns


A medical condition in which the outer layer of the skin is mildly burnt.

Around two million citizens of the US are patients of Burns. (1)

- Of mild intensity
- Self -Diagnosable and Treatable.
- In general, situations, heals within a week

It is an injury that affects the first layer of the skin. The affected skin will be red, dry, swollen and itchy. No special treatment is required to cure first- degree burns. It can occur due to direct contact of skin to a hot object..


Diagnosis: The disease is self-diagnosable. In this case, only the first layer of the skin (Epidermis) is burned. This is visible in nature. The skin is red in colour and painful in nature.

Dry skin, red in colour

The skin turns white when touched



Self-care: Cool compress placed on the area affected provides a relief from pain. Avoid putting any pressure on the affected area. The burn should be covered by a sterile gauze, instead of a bandage or a towel. Blisters formed should not be popped. This will cause more irritation and pain.

Medicines: Antibacterial ointments and aloe vera creams are applied to give a cooling effect and thereby minimise the pain.

Specialists: No such special surgery is required in the case of first degree burns.
However, if the intensity increases, one should consult a doctor.
mfine will be providing you with a suitable treatment plan for your optimum health.

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