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Plantar Fibroma: All You Need To Know


Plantar fibromas are benign and appear as bumpy nodules.

Middle-aged men are affected twice as often as women. [1]

- Rare in children
- Physical examination of the foot
- Imaging tests include X-ray, MRI scan, and bone scan
- Medical intervention may be necessary to relieve discomfort

Plantar fascial fibromatosis is commonly known as Ledderhose disease. Its a non-cancerous benign growth in the plantar fascia or the arch of the foot. The disease causes some fibroma or nodules, which grow gradually in the fascia. They can develop on one foot or both feet. These benign growths are usually less than an inch in size. Normally, the nodules get smaller without any treatment. No definitive causes for this disease have been identified.


Its possible to feel the fibroma on the bottom of the foot, in the middle of the arch. In the early stages, these growths cause a little discomfort, appear as small bumps and noticeable only when it grows in size.

People may experience:
Likely to experience pain and swelling if the nodule becomes larger or if external pressure is applied to the affected area. Walking disability.


Self-care: Strength training and stretching exercises as per physical therapist.

Medications: Topical treatment, corticosteroid injection, orthotics, and surgery.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a physician or an orthopedic. At mfine, were here to help you with different areas of health issues; come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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