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Periungual Warts - Symptoms & Treatments


Starting off in the size of pinheads, periungual warts grow on to become clustered bumps that cause pain and discomfort.
These warts are formed around the nails and are more common among nail biters.[1]
- Self-diagnosable
- Requires treatment by a medical professional
- Is contagious
- Can be prevented to a certain extent

Certain strains of the HPV or human papillomavirus cause periungual warts. The virus enters the skin through a wound or cut. Hence, nail biters are more prone to these warts. People, with atopic dermatitis and a weak immune system, are also at risk.

Commonly affects young adults and children.


Periungual warts cause no discomfort when they are small. As they start growing and form clusters, the pain starts. They can also split the skin around the nail and interfere with the growth of nails. They may also disfigure cuticles and nails.
People may experience
If left untreated can damage the nail and nail bed. Periungual warts can also lead to loss of cuticle and increase the risk of soft tissue infection.


Avoid nail-biting and reduce stress by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Apple cider vinegar may also help.
Doctors may recommend any one of the following depending on the severity:
Over-the-counter medication:
Salicylic acid: Works slowly and results may show after 12 weeks
Specialist Care
Cryotherapy: Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the warts
Laser therapy: The warts are burnt off
Antigen injections: A toxin to induce an immune response to kill the virus and stop the growth of the warts
Surgical removal is often the last resort. Talk to one of our mfine medical experts to avoid surgery."

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