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Nonhealing wound: All you need to be aware of


Wounds that do not heal on time

It affects around 6.5 million people in the U.S. annually. [1]

- Some of the usual regions for nonhealing scars to be formed include feet, ankles, heels, and calves.
- It requires a proper medical diagnosis.
- Lab tests and imaging might be required.
- It can be treated by a medical practitioner.
- Some of the ailments that could be the underlying reason for the nonhealing wounds are recurring strain to the injury, infections, swelling, insufficient nutrition, and poor circulation.

Wounds should heal within a period of two to four weeks. If this is not the case, then it could be due to certain causative illnesses that can sometimes go undetected or untreated.


Based on the reason for the nonhealing wounds, the condition varies from individual to individual.
A medical practitioner can help find out the potential reason for nonhealing wounds and detect any symptoms of infection in the wound. These include:
- Wound pains a lot.
- The wound is warm and red.
- The wound might leak or ooze
- They might have a bad smell.


Self-care: It is best to not scratch, touch, or irritate the wound as this could lead to further infection.

Medications: Topical antibiotics can help with the healing process.

Specialists: A professional should be consulted if the wound does not heal and shows signs of infections. mfine caters to different areas of health issues, and the perfect course of treatment can be chosen according to your requirements.

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