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Multiple Abscess- The Complete Overview


Abscess are bumps that appear on the skin which is filled with pus or translucent fluid. Multiple abscesses appears on more than one part of the skin. Majority of the abscess is a result of an infection and can affect any part of the skin.

It is more prevalent in men than women [1]

- Easily treated by medical professionals
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Diagnostic tests are rarely required
- Acute: resolves within a few months

The factors which makes one predisposed to developing this condition are:
- Weakened immune system
- Diabetes
- Sickle cell disease
- Severe burns
- Alcoholism or drug abuse
- Crohn’s disease
- Poor hygiene
- Exposure to too much dirty environment
- Inflammation of hair follicle

Ages affected:

The multiple abscesses is more frequent in the age group of 16 to 34-year-old males and females.


The most common symptoms of an abscess are
- Painful red bumps which are tender to touch
- The bumps are filled with pus or translucent fluid


Self- Care:
These self-care measures can help ease the symptoms of multiple abscesses:

- Apply warm compress to abscess smaller than 1 cm in size
- Do not attempt to drain the fluid yourself
- Keep the area clean and away from dirt

Professional help:
The doctors prescribe the following treatments in case of multiple abscesses:
- The doctors will drain the abscess through a procedure
- Antibiotic medications

A board-certified dermatologist can help treat multiple abscesses effectively. We at M’fine are here to help get a holistic treatment for all health ailments. Get in touch with us for fast and effective treatment under the best specialists.

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