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Ingrown Nail: The Truth About It


Corner of the toenail grows into the skin next to the nail, causing pain, redness, or swelling

Ingrown nails are most frequently observed in young adults and school children
-May require an X-ray exam for medical diagnosis
-Is a preventable medical condition with proper hygiene routines
-Can affect both men and women of virtually all ages
-May require surgical treatment for cases of severe infections

Most conditions of ingrown nail relates to a lack of feet hygiene and are preventable. In severe cases, when left untreated it leads to fungus infection and spreads, thus requiring medical intervention. For recurring ingrown nails, permanent and not partial removal of the nail via surgery is recommended with the procedure being done under a local anesthetic.

Ages affected: 6 to 13 - less often; 14 to 18 - often; and 40 and above - most often;


Symptoms include oozing pus, pain, bleeding, and reddish or swollen skin, all of which are self-diagnosable. There are more symptoms which you may experience below which are reasons to see a dermatologist
People may experience
Bleeding - In and around the toenail
Pain - when light pressure is exerted on the toe
Fluid Buildup - Which leads to swelling and skin may become tender too


Self Care: Practice proper feet hygiene and don't wear tight-fitting socks or footwear. Try to cut your nails straight across and not at an angle
Medications: Antibiotic ointments and OTC medications may help relieve the pain. Certain medications are known to relieve both pain and swelling.
Specialists: Reach out to our dermatologist at MFine, if you suspect your condition to be getting worse. Our healthcare professionals provide a holistic treatment program that gets your feet back in shape in no time.

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