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How To Treat Hypospadias?


A difference in the structure of penis where the urethra is not present at the tip of the penis is known as hypospadias.

Every year about five boys out of every 1,000 born in the United States have hypospadias. [1]

● Requires a medical diagnosis
● Can happen only to men
● Can be chronic and can be lifelong

In hypospadias, the opening of the urethra is present on the underside of the penis instead of at the tip. This condition is more common in infants who have a family history of hypospadias. The penis may curve down in an infant, and the baby may spray while urinating. Besides, other causes of hypospadias include fertility treatments taken by the mother, mother’s age and weight, exposure to smoke or pesticide, and premature delivery.

Ages Affected: It generally happens at the time of birth.


● Downward curve of the penis.
● Abnormal spraying during urination.
● The hooded appearance of the penis because only the top half of the penis is covered by foreskin.
● The opening of the urethra is located elsewhere other than the tip of the penis.


Some forms of hypospadias are minor and do not require any surgery. However, treatment includes:

Surgery: Your doctor may perform a surgery to treat hypospadias. To correct this disease, your surgeon may use tissue grafts from the foreskin or from inside of the mouth to reconstruct the urinary channel in proper position.
Specialists: You can connect with a specialist at mfine for better understanding about it and in return receiving proper treatment for it.

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