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Haemorrhoids: All About It


Haemorrhoids are a common condition which occur due to inflamed veins near rectum. They cause excessive discomfort and bleeding. The cause is the strain in bowel movements.

Haemorrhoids can occur in pregnancy as well due to the enlarged uterus which pushes into the colon causing a restriction in the bowel movement.

● They are treatable and can be cured by an experienced physician.
● Standing for long hours at stretch without taking breaks can be one of the causes of haemorrhoids.
● Sigmoidoscopy is a method which may be suggested to detect the condition.
● Lab tests in general are not required.
● They are pretty chronic as they may last for an entire lifetime.
● The chances of occurrence of the condition increase with an increasing age. People above 40 are more prone.


Major symptoms observed are:
● Pain in rectum
● Pain while sitting
● Itchiness and pain in anus
● Constipation
● Blood while passing stools


Self Care:
● Intake of high fibre in the diet
● Cold press
● Ice packs

Steroids and some anaesthetics can be suggested by doctors to improve the condition.
Doctors may also suggest some Improvements in diet.

Certain medical procedures may also need to be carried out:
● Cauterization
● Rubber band ligation
● Sclerotherapy

Specialists:At Mfine, we assure to take into account all the factors causing the condition and then charting out a treatment for the betterment of the condition.

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