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Hemorrhoids – A Brief Overview


Hemorrhoids are an abnormal swelling or enlargement of the anal vascular cushions. They are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibers in the anal canal.

More than 50% of the population affected by this condition

● Treatable by a medical professional
● Lab tests may be required
● Chronic: can last for years or even lifelong

There are four degrees of hemorrhoids
· Usually present with painless bright red bleeding
· Women who are pregnant also experience this condition

Hemorrhoids have a peak prevalence in the years 45-65. Excessive straining, increasing age, high intra-abdominal pressure, pelvic or abdominal masses, family history, pregnancy, obesity, genetic predisposition or hypertension are some common risk factors.


The common symptoms of hemorrhoids include:
· Painless bleeding after defecation
· Blood present on the surface of the stool
· Pain during bowel movements
· Painful swelling or a lump near the anus
· Anal itching
· Mucous discharge from the anus


These home remedies can help alleviate hemorrhoids:
· Increasing daily fiber intake
· Increasing daily fluid intake
· Use of laxatives, if necessary
· Topical analgesia/cream
· Brisk walking and stretching exercises

The several treatment options available for hemorrhoids includes:
· Sclerotherapy
· Rubber-band ligation
· Infrared coagulation/photocoagulation
· Bipolar diathermy
· Direct current electrotherapy
· Haemorrhoidectomy
· Haemorrhoidal artery ligation (non-surgical therapy)

Referring to a certified specialist is the best way to get treatment for this condition. We at Mfine provide the best treatment to our clients where a team of specialist doctors who work together to help cure health issues. Do contact us to receive the right treatment for faster recovery from the specialists."

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