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What is Ganglion, its symptoms and treatment?


A ganglion cyst is a benign lump filled with fluid that appears on the joints and tendons.

Ganglion accounts for 60-70% soft-tissue lumps (masses) found on hands and wrists [1].

- Are non cancerous masses of tissue
- The exact cause is unknown
- Often disappear on their own without treatment
- Can appear at any age, women between 20 and 30 years are more likely to develop this

Ganglion is harmless and usually appears on either the wrist, hand, arm and/or foot.


The symptoms mainly include a firm round- or oval-shaped lump in the joint area like hand.

People may experience
Dull or severe pain
Soft, tender, and immobile lump
Change in the size of lump
Burning sensation
Discomfort by moving the affected area


Self-Care: Avoiding infection after surgery, moving hand or foot to avoid stiffness, healthy diet, and taking prescribed medication on time.

Medications: Prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the discomfort.

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