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Important things to note about chronic DVT


Blood clots that tend to happen inside of the veins which then travel to the heart and causes immediate death.

About 60,000 -100,000 people die every year in the United States alone through chronic DVT. [1]

- Requires immediate medical assistance
- Can occur in both men and women
- Lab tests are required
- Can occur in people of all ages

The condition where you find blood clots in the upper part of your legs. These are very small and could happen to anyone at any point in time. Normally DVT can be cured but then chronic DVT happens to be severe as there are many blood clots in that same part of the leg that can prove to be futile and can result in immediate death.


- Swelling - Minute swelling in the upper part of the leg that can further increase upon multiple blood clots.
- Warmth - There is a rise in temperature in that particular part of the leg that has been affected with chronic DVT.
- Pain - Upon standing or walking, there is intermediate pain and tenderness. Even upon touch, you can sense the pain in the entire leg.
- Colour - The affected leg turns slightly red in comparison to the other leg.


Self-care - Try to exercise on a daily basis. Nothing that intense, but light walking and running.

Medication - Intake of anticoagulants based on the doctors advice reduce blood clots and DVT is eliminated.

Specialists - Take appointments on a weekly basis to ensure proper recovery. At Mfine, we tend to take care of you in the best way possible to give you freedom from the condition and make you feel better in the least time possible.

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