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Benign lipomatous neoplasm is the most common type of neoplasm of the deep and subcutaneous soft tissues in the adults. It is a slow-growing fat lump that is situated between the skin and the muscle lying below it. It is generally painless, doughy to feel and moves easily with the slightest pressure of the finger. Generally, the benign lipomatous neoplasms are harmless but if it is growing or is painful, it needs to be removed. Though they can occur at any age the common age of occurrence of such lipomas is between 40 years and 60 years.

Benign Lipomatous Neoplasm Symptoms

The common symptoms of benign lipomatous neoplasm are as follows:

  • They are doughy and soft to touch
  • They move by slightest pressure from the finger
  • They are generally about 2 inches or less in diameter but can grow further
  • They are generally painless but if they press on adjacent nerves or contain blood vessels, they become painful.

Benign Lipomatous Neoplasm Causes

The exact cause of development of the benign lipomatous neoplasm is unknown or cannot be explained completely. Genetic factors play a crucial role in the development of such a neoplasm. Other factors include inadequate exercise and obesity.

Obesity and Benign Lipomatous Neoplasm

Benign lipomatous neoplasm is a noncancerous or benign growth that can occur at any age but usually occurs between 40 years and 60 years. Diet plays a major role in the development of this neoplasm. With the gain in weight, the benign lipomatous neoplasm also increases in size.

Diagnosis of Chronic Idiopathic Constipation

Adept benign lipomatous neoplasm specialist available through mfine would base his or her diagnosis on physical examination and confirm it with tissue biopsy or medical imaging.

Understanding Benign Lipomatous Neoplasm

Benign lipomatous neoplasm is the doughy and painless growth that moves under a slight application of pressure by the finger. Obesity and genetic factors are responsible for the development of the neoplasm.

Benign Lipomatous Neoplasm Treatment

The benign lipomatous neoplasms are generally harmless and do not require any treatment. However, if they restrict movement or become painful, they need to be removed. Sometimes they grow very large and need to be removed for cosmetic reasons. They are generally removed by the method of simple excision. The surgery takes less than half an hour and the general surgeon can perform it under local anesthesia. Another method of removal of the neoplasm is by liposuction. At mfine, you would come across accomplished general surgeons.

You can check out benign lipomatous neoplasm doctors near me through mfine who can provide you with the best of treatment.

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