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What causes a cyst on the penis and its treatment?


Benign cyst of the penis is an unnatural growth of skin filled with fluid and appear like capsule shape or bump.

One in two sexually active males who is around the age of 25 is likely to suffer an STI, which can lead to a benign cyst in the penis if not treated in time. [1]

- Cysts are generally unharmful
- They are not painful in many cases
- Cysts may be symptoms of sexually transmitted disease(s) (STD)
- Most cysts on the penis are benign lesions.
- Lab tests and imaging are often required by medical professionals.

Cysts are benign unless they are formed from the issue such as STD, HPV, genital herpes in which medical attention is always required.


Bump that arises on the penis that feels firm or hard to touch.

People May experiences:
Pain area- May or may not pain when touched
Size- varies, generally small
Growth- may grow with time
Discharge- Mostly no discharge unless other serious underlying condition(s)
Skin issues- may feel tender or sensitive


Self-care: Keep the private area clean with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Applying a warm, wet washcloth 3-4 times a day may help drain the cyst. Do not pop the cyst as it may increase the chances of infection.

Medications: Over-the-counter medicines such as painkillers to reduce pain along with antibiotics/antibacterial medication can fight any infection, but doctor’s consultation is required.

Specialist: Most Benign cysts do not require treatment. With help of mfine, you can get complete information of any type of cysts and their proper treatment program.

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