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Axillary adenopathy: Know about the treatment


Axillary Adenopathy is a condition of enlargement or swelling of lymph nodes in the axillary region of the body.

As per Dutch study, there is 0.6 percent incidence of unexplained lymphadenopathy per year in the general population.[1]

- It can affect both men and women
- It can be unilateral or bilateral
- It can be a sign of breast cancer in women
- Short to medium term

Axillary adenopathy causes can be benign or malignant. Its treatment usually depends on the underlying cause of swollen lymph nodes. It is important to contact a doctor if swollen lymph nodes do not settle down in several weeks.

Ages affected – People of all the age group are affected.


The common symptoms include a lump or swollen lymph in underarm and breast.

People may experience
Pain areas – Breast, armpit, arm, hand
Painful lump
Hard and fixed nodes
Fever, chills
Unexpected weight loss
Tender and red lymph nodes
Night sweat


Self Care: Using warm compresses, cool packs, taking adequate rest and over-the-counter pain relievers are helpful.

Medications: Over-the-counter painkiller; are helpful in relieving pain and discomfort.

Specialists: Contact a physician. At mfine, you can get online consultation and the necessary prescription for every kind of health issues and medical conditions from specialist doctors and medical professionals. Visit mfine today and explore more.

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