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Anal Fissures: How To Heal Them?


A condition where there is a tear occuring in the lining of the anus, causing pain and difficulty in discharging stools.

According to an etymology by NCBI, about 25% of patients with anal fissures experience chronic constipation (1)

- Is not a serious condition
- Requires surgery and treatment for advance cases
- May require imaging and lab tests
- Usually goes away in 6 weeks

When a tear occurs in the lining of the anus from passing large or hard stools, it leads to tear in it. These tears are what we refer to as anal fissures and the objective of medical treatment is to heal the tear and provide relief against the pain and discomfort when passing stools. Anal fissures may become chronic if they persist longer than 8 weeks.


Symptoms of anal fissures include pain and discomfort in the rectum area, accompanied by a visible ‘paper-cut like’ tear.

People also experience
Burning sensations or itching
Bloody discharge after bowel movements
Fleshy lesions or protrusions around the tear area


Self-care: Try taking fiber supplements if you’re not getting enough fiber from your diet. Gently wipe the anal area after passing your stool and clean it. You should also soak your anal area in a tub of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes daily to relieve the pain and improve blood circulation in the muscles.

Medications: Botox injections, calcium channel blockers, and nitrate ointments are some of the prescribed medications available for healing anal fissures, subject to the supervision and diagnosis of your doctor.

Specialists: If your anal fissures turn chronic, you may require surgery and other modes of medical treatment. You can talk to our healthcare specialists at mfine to learn more about what you can do and get a customized treatment plan for your condition.

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