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Is Anal Fissure unspecified? How to identify it


It is not a serious condition and can affect people irrespective of their age. Since constipation is common in infants as well as young children, hence anal fissure often affects them. [1]
This condition gets better with the aid of simple treatments but there are some people who may require medication and even surgery occasionally. [2]
-Can be treated by a doctor.
-Requires proper diagnosis.
-In rare cases, laboratory tests or imaging is needed.
It usually occurs while passing hard and large stools. Chronic constipation and diarrhea that occur frequently can also cause an anal fissure.


People may experience:
Pain affected areas: In the area of the anal at the time of bowel movements.
Anal: Itching sensation or bleeding.
Most common: Appearance of blood streaks on stools or even after wiping with a toilet paper.


Self care: Drinking fluids in large amount. Eating fibrous foods like raw fruits as well as vegetables including fiber supplements. Sitz bath can also be taken to keep the anal muscles relaxed and get relief from irritation.

Medication: Applying pain relievers topically will ease the discomfort. Some doctors also recommend using stool softener.

Specialists: You should consult a colon as well as rectal surgeon or Gastroenterologist if selfcare doesn’t work and the condition worsens. At mfine, we will aid you with different health issues. Download the mfine app and see a doctor in 60 seconds.

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