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Suffering from pain in the abdomen? It could be acute appendicitis!


It is the inflammation of the appendix and causes pain in the lower right abdomen.

About 5% of the population in the USA develop appendicitis at some point in their life.

  • Medical diagnosis is required
  • More common in males
  • Lab test or imaging often required

The pain begins around the navel and eventually moves. It starts as mild cramping and gradually becomes steady and severe with time. If the pain lasts for a day or two, it needs to be consulted with a doctor. It is caused due to a blockage in the lining of the appendix. Bacteria causes the appendix to become inflamed and swollen.

Ages affected:

  • Ages 10 to 30 years - Most common
  • Ages 31 to 69 years - More common
  • Ages above 69 - Common


Self-diagnosable: The symptoms include pain near the belly button, pain in abdomen on the lower right side.

  • People may experience
  • Areas of Pain - Belly button, abdomen
  • Low-grade fever
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation


Self-care: Avoid strenuous activities. Take liquid diets until symptoms are resolved. Avoid lifting heavy items.

Medication: Take antibiotics when the pain is minimal as per the advice of your doctor.

Specialists: A surgical procedure, known as appendectomy, is done to treat appendicitis. Book an appointment with top doctors on mfine and get access to a wide array of effective treatments for your health problems.

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