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Are you heading for a surgery? It is imperative that you know the dos and don’ts both before and after a surgery. mfine helps to find the Best General Surgeon in Ahmedabad to care for patients heading for a surgery. A General surgery doctor in Ahmedabad is trained in discussing various care techniques in relation to particular surgeries and calming the anxiety in patients.

Patients can opt for an online consultation with a General surgeon at mfine to discuss surgical conditions like piles, hernia or gall stones.

What We Cover

mfine offers consultation on a number of general surgeries including appendicitis, hernias, gallstones, piles/haemorrhoids, and others. We also offer care and advice on post and pre-operative conditions and tell patients how to manage themselves following the operation.

Pre and Post-Operative Advice and Care

Consultation with a General Surgeon in Ahmedabad can help put to rest all kinds of anxieties related to a surgery. You get complete information about the ways to take care of yourself or a family member from our mfine doctor.

Piles/Hemorrhoids Surgery

Piles can be very painful. The surgery is related to the rectum area of the body. Lifestyle and food habits are mostly responsible for such a condition. In most cases patients have to go for a surgery in order to get well. Regular care and consultation from a General Surgeon near me can prove to be very beneficial.     


Appendicitis requires immediate doctor consultation and surgery since it does not give the patients much time. An inflamed appendix if left unattended can burst causing infectious materials to spill into the stomach cavity. Consultation with a General surgery doctor in Ahmedabad can save time and keep you safe.

Hernia Operation

Hernia can be extremely painful and requires timely intervention to ensure that the patients remains safe. Periodic consultation with a specialist is necessary to recover from the surgery.


Gallstones are actually the hardened deposits of digestive liquids in the body. These may or may not have any symptoms. In case they create problems, surgery is inevitable. Online consultation with a General Surgeon is necessary if a surgery is needed.

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