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What is Chest X- Ray?

What is Chest X- Ray?

A Chest X-Ray (also called chest radiograph, or chest film) is a diagnostic X-Ray that is taken to diagnose conditions related to the chest and its nearby structures.

Why is a Chest X-Ray recommended?

A Chest X-Ray can serve a variety of purposes including but not limited to:
- Evaluation of the lungs, heart and chest wall
- Shortness of breath, persistent of a cough, fever, chest pain and injury this imaging technique is used for diagnosis
- For diagnosis purposes in:
- Pneumonia
- Heart failure and other heart problems
- Lung cancer
- Emphysema
- Fluid or air collection around the lungs
- Airway diseases
- To spot abnormalities in the chest region

Preparing for a Chest X-Ray

This doesn't require any preparations beforehand. You may be asked to remove clothing and put on some gown. They also ask you to remove jewelry if present any, eyeglasses, metal objects that are potential of causing disturbances in X-rays. If you are pregnant, then you should be informing your physician. Many imaging tests are not suitable for pregnant ladies.

Understanding Chest X-Ray Results

A Chest X-Ray is particularly useful in emergency diagnosis as this is fast and easy. This involves exposure to the radiation. This procedure usually gets completed under 15 minutes. Depending on the degree of variations in the absorption of radiation, the bones, and soft tissues are identified. When seen in the lit background the doctor can identify problems like a broken bone or presence of any tissue. This helps your doctor to take on follow-up treatment.

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