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Vitamin D Insufficiency - Is more serious than it sounds


Lack of vitamin D in the body.
More than 1 billion people are deficient in vitamin D, worldwide.[1]
- Easily treatable by a medical professional
- Medical diagnosis required
- Imaging and lab tests required
- Resolves with a few months

Exposure to sunlight is an important source of vitamin D. The body can make it from cholesterol. Certain foods are also high in this vitamin. It is not a major concern and can easily be treated. Elderly people and people with dark skin are at a higher risk of this condition. People, who get a lot of sun are less likely to develop this condition.
Vitamin D insufficiency can affect both the genders and of all ages.


Symptoms include getting infected and sick (as in cold or flu) often, depression, bone loss
People may experience
Tiredness and fatigue
Back and bone pain as well as muscle pain
Slow healing of cuts and wounds
Hair loss


Increased exposure to sunlight will help
Eating vitamin-D rich food like fatty fishes and fortified dairy products
Vitamin-D supplements are easily available. Talk to a healthcare professional to know the dosage and side effects.
Vitamin D requirements differ and it depends on gender and age. Talk to a mfine specialist to know how much is needed to correct the deficiency and maintain the correct level. Intake of supplements and a proper diet can help treat vitamin D insufficiency.

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